Poundland & Work Experience

Poundland does not participate in work programmes that can lead to benefits being withheld and will not do so. 

Like many other employers we participate in short-term, (two to eight weeks) voluntary work experience programmes designed to help provide a taste of the world of work for the young unemployed that helps them build their CVs.

We only agree to participate once assured it is entirely voluntary and not part of any benefit assessment.

Our participation in work experience is a genuine attempt over a short period to help give people the skills they need to build a CV to help them get permanent employment.


Niall, Store Manager, Bolton Burnden Park

My name’s Niall and I’m the manager of Poundland’s Burden Park store.

I’ve worked hard to open up the store to those that need real-life experience for their CVs because I know how it can jump start their careers.

I know that, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without it.

Back in 2011, I’d been running pubs, but became unemployed and I needed to get back into work to earn some money.

I decided to do a work experience placement at Poundland.

I didn't expect to enjoy it, but I ended up absolutely loving it.

I worked on the shop floor merchandising, helping customers and worked alongside a great team who were really supportive.

This placement turned into a temp job during the Christmas period, one of the busiest times for the store.

I quickly learned more about the business, developed my skills and confidence and through my hard work I was promoted to an Assistant Manager, followed by Store Manager.

Six years later I’m still with Poundland and love it just as much now as I did when I first started. I love the energy of the business and the challenges each day brings.

I would never have had chance to pursue a career in retail and be where I am now, if it had not been for the opportunity of taking part in a work placement with Poundland.

For that I’m very grateful and that’s why I’m doing all I can to give the opportunity that was given to me to others here in Bolton.

Mo, Store Manager, Birmingham Corporation Street


My name’s Mo and I’m the manager of Poundland’s Birmingham Corporation Street store.

I started on the Work Experience programme in 2009, after finishing college and was initially employed to work eight hours per week. I started working as a cashier before progressing on to the shop floor to look after the health & beauty department.

I gained valuable retail experience and developed a whole range of skills.

It opened up career opportunities and progression which I wouldn’t have had, if it hadn’t been for Poundland.

Over time the business saw my passion and commitment and promoted me to Supervisor and then Assistant Manager.

In addition to my managerial duties I have managed about 30 other colleagues through the Work Experience programme who have gone on to become managers in other Poundland stores. I understand what’s required to develop colleagues and help them to establish a career in retail.

I work in one of the busiest stores in the company, have a brilliant team and grateful to Poundland for the opportunities they have given me.

I’m proud of what I do and proud to work for Poundland.

Luanne, Store Manager, Dudley

My name is Luanne Bryant and I’m the manager of Poundland’s Dudley store and like others, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the work experience programme.

Just like others, taking this scheme was right for me - I could demonstrate my skills and understanding by doing the job in front of me, rather than having a nerve-racking interview.

In 2010 I was partnered up with a store colleague and shown the ropes -  filling the store, taking deliveries and preparing the store ready for trade each day, whilst gaining an overall understanding of the business.

I started at the Cannock store as a Sales Assistant and was promoted to Senior Sales, followed by Assistant Manager two years later.  I passed the Managers assessment and then moved to the Tamworth retail park store.

An amazing opportunity came up for me to open the brand new 600th store in Bilston. Whilst at this store I was promoted to Manager, before moving on to the Dudley store. I’ve been a manager now for 14 months and love my job.

You know what, the placement didn’t just let Poundland work out whether I was right for them – it also let me work out whether a career at Poundland was the right choice for me.

I now use the work experience programme for the same reason I did it myself and to provide opportunities for people to work out a new career path, hone their skills and give them a start on a career in retail.

I’m proud that a new sales assistant here in Dudley has just joined the payroll after a short-term work experience programme.  How long before they’re also running their own store?

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