Amazing Value Every Day since 1990!

Every week, millions of savvy customers enjoy the fun and exciting shopping experience of Poundland in hundreds of stores nationwide.

From opening our first store in Burton-upon-Trent in 1990, Poundland has built a network of more than 800 stores in the UK and the Republic of Ireland offering top brands and great quality own brand products, providing customers with amazing value every day.

Poundland now has over 18,000 colleagues who serve more than seven million customers every week from Wick to Weymouth, Londonderry to Lowestoft and Holyhead to Hastings.

Proud to offer pricing you can always trust

Poundland offers inflation beating prices that don't change on a whim. Quids in. Confusion out.

Whether you're in London or Leeds, it'll still cost you the same price.

Come rain, come shine, our prices won't change like the British weather.

We want people to feel proud to shop at Poundland.

Our prices don't bamboozle like other retailers, but might surprise you with amazing value.

Poundland. Always right on the Money.


In 2017...we sold enough quantum toilet roll to stretch all the way to the moon!

...the weight of Toblerones sold equates to the same weight as 27 African elephants!

...enough Pot Noodles were sold to feed every student in the UK!

...we sold enough 7.5m tape measures to scale The Eiffel Tower 44 times!

...we sold enough Heinz Baked Beans to fill 21,000 bath tubs!